I am someone who  is living a really cool life!
And it isn’t because everything is handed to me on a silver platter..,


  • Having to sell your century family farm as a buffer zone for a landfill site
    Our century home was wiped off the earth in 3 days - it was as if our family and home had never existed

    Our century home was wiped off the earth in 3 days – it was as if our family and history had never existed

  • Losing your three long term clients due to government cutbacks
  • Having all three of your children leave the nest
  • Losing all of the manuals and programs of all your past work due to a computer crash
  • Parting ways as an associate of an organization
  • Being disillusioned with all of the traditional ways team building and workshops
  • Everything familiar, was gone – the only thing I had was my husband

No work, no home, no identity, no past, disillusion, disappointment and pain.

How could that list possibly be good?

Yet I will always say:

Turning 50 was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I had this big empty space and I could create whatever I wanted. But what would that be? I knew that it wouldn’t be the way I did it before.

So what did I create?DSCN4358

  • An exciting  new phase of my life using Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation
  • A beautiful Retreat and B&B on 195 magical acres
  • I found a coaching process that answered my question – what is really going on? And what to do about it?
  • A way to actually make long term impact for individuals and teams
  • Wonderful relationships with my husband, children and their partners and now grandchildren
  • The most meaningful work of my career

Some of Cora Whittington’s personal beliefs.

There is more to you than your story. Who you really are is miraculous; it wants to live fully in this life. The story that you made up about what you can and can’t do is just that. a story. We work with your optimal self to support your essential nature so you can be calm, confident and happy. And we can see what sometimes you can’t.

Your thoughts are very powerful. What you think about will eventually become your reality. We empower and inspire you to become conscious of your thoughts and your life will change. Guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter what has happened in your life. It can be devastating, disappointing or absolutely wonderful – there is still more to experience and it can be better than you could possibly have imagined! (I know- I have had both and my life keeps getting better and better)

We have 15 more years than any generation before us. And it is not at the end of our life. It is in the middle. It also has a transition, like the puberty of our teen years. Only this time, we know more and are wiser. Everything that has not been resolved or learned will be in our face. We help you work through the puberty of the midlife and so that you take back your power, make choices, take inspired action and enjoy the journey.

How I became an Executive & Life Coach

I have over 25 years of leadership and business experience. While working with teams, I sensed that while secret_lock1the team was excited about their learning, it didn’t last and it was just days and they were back to their own patterns and problems.

I decided that I needed to learn how to become a coach. And started my search – I interviewed schools and people that have taken various programs.

I hired a coach to experience the different schools.

And I was disappointed. I didn’t need a “goal policeman” I knew what to do – I just wasn’t doing it. I needed someone who could help me figure out why.

So I attended the Coachville Conference in Toronto and heard Thomas Leonard speak. He showed two slides called the Core Dynamics of Common Problems and the Absence of the Core Dynamics and I knew that was what I wanted to learn. And I had the impression that I had to learn some basics before I got to that.

I then got another link in my email and went to the Core Dynamics website and decided – yes that is what I want – but decided it was too expensive. (Isn’t that typical of limited thinking!)

Then as I interviewed more people for different schools, I contacted a friend in New Jersey who said gave me the pros and cons of the two schools she had attended. Then it happened. She said but in two weeks I am going to California and taking an intro to The Core Dynamics of Common Problems and we could share a car and a room. Well that was it – three times of that knowing in my gut and I knew I needed to go.

Three days before I left, I got a phone call from the Royal Bank asking me if I needed a loan for anything at prime minus one. I said no. I went to the workshop and decided that this is what I had been looking for – signed up for the programs and came home and called the bank. When the stars line up – I listen.

It was an amazing process. It is very important to clean up our own energy field first and I was carrying around some “resido-do” from the broken association and a host of other life experiences. It was actually the current manifestation of a core dynamic “Looking for yourself where you are not”. It took some work but I finally let go old feelings of “neediness, looking for approval, disappointment, not being good enough and the feeling of being misunderstood”

Does your life change if you can do that? You betcha.

Cora Whittington’s favorite pastimes

R&R in our woods by the river – basking in a hammock and looking up at them majestic trees swaying in the breeze and watching the clouds go by.

Scrapbooking – I have children and grandchildren – It has been fun creating memories for them

Gardening – I have beautiful water garden and more – check out my Retreat and B&B site for photos of our amazing property

Wedding Flowers – I have a very big extended family and I have done the flowers and decor for many of them.  This site has a few of the pictures of my creations.

I have a confession…

I have been hiding an essential part of me of most of my life.Inspiration motivation quotation Energy flows where attention goes and cup of coffee

I have been a “science of energy” junkie for over 25 years. Long before it was popular to watch “What the Bleep Do We Know” “The Secret” and “The New Earth” I was studying “reiki, therapeutic touch, quantum physics, and listening to Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction tapes (in the 80’s and 90’s)

I was ahead of my time and wanted the share what I was learning but didn’t know how to frame it in “corporate” speak. Learning how to be a Core Dynamics Coach from Tom Stone gave me the language that business and corporations resonate with.

I am a learnaholic: I have taken live programs from Esther Hicks, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, James Ray, Debbie Ford, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Imaculee Ibiganza and audio training and book learning from Joe Vitale (I love his work) John DiMartini and way too many more to mention.

Plus never-ending Facilitation and Coaching training from Tom Stone, Harrison Ford, Bernard Mohr, Lance Secretan and more. (If you want to see a thorough list click here)

I experienced Leadership Presence at a very young age. It happened when I was 19. I got the privilege of working with Jean Vanier at L’Arche in France. He is the first person that I met that was truly present to me.

Imagine being 19 and looking 15 and going off to France by yourself. I had admired Jean Vanier’s work creating several communities for emotional and developmentally challenged individuals. He was running L’Arche in France and several other places throughout the world. Who was I to even have him notice me let alone meet with me one-on-one?

What I experienced was profound.

When he talked with me. He was with me.

I felt his eyes looking into my soul, really seeing me and really believing in me. I felt like I couldn’t lie because he would know and ~ my lack ~ didn’t matter.

It was life changing for me. And I wanted to be like him.

I look through your conditioning and see you as whole and complete – I learned from the masters Jean Vanier and Tom Stone.

If you want to know even more about Cora Whittington or want an information to introduce me at your event click here.