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  • Are you looking for an Executive & Life Coach to guide you through the minefield of your current situation?

Are you ready to transform yourself into someone who is listened to, understood and sought after?

  • Someone who works through crisis and is proud of their achievement?
  • Someone who is becoming wiser everyday, has vision and takes inspired action?
  • Someone who trusts themselves and others in even the most difficult situations?
  • Someone whose personal and professional relationships are the best?
  • Someone who has enough time to have a fabulous personal life and a rewarding career?
  • Someone who is a leading edge thinker and and makes a difference in their world?
  • Someone who has activated Law of Attraction in a positive way and is delighted every time it shows up?

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  • Shari Darling

    I have known Cora for over a decade. When I met Cora I was in the throws of a major law suit for a brand new house my husband and I purchased that was structurally unsafe and ultimately condemned. After spending a fortune on legal bills I ended up having to be our own lawyer. I was up against 3 shark lawyers representing their insurance company clients. My husband had also been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and was raging unpredictably and so I was dealing with that as well. Stressed out is an understatement.

    Cora stood by my side through this whole journey, coaching me on a daily basis as another road block appeared literally on a daily basis. At the beginning of our coaching sessions I was shaking, often crying, feeling hopeless, filled with rage. By the end of each session I felt free, full of possibility, had made important decisions, and could move forward with peace and confidence in this unknown world of civil law.

    Cora coaches from both sides of her brain. Her coaching is logical and tangible. She is also right brain gifted and highly intuitive. I needed someone who could help me through the excessive details of my tangible world AND help me emotionally and spiritually understand the universal truth and why I was on this adverse journey.

    I highly recommend her coaching services. She will aid you greatly in finding your way and meeting your goals and finding resolutions with difficult people and fulfilling your dreams!

    Entrepreneur, Author, Wine Writer

  • Matt Philips

    I was in a dark place with some unresolved, buried emotions when I started working with Cora. Our sessions were nothing short of amazing and we were able to get to the root cause of issues I wasn't aware I was holding onto at the conscious level.
    By keeping an open mind, my path would unfold during our time together and I would leave our sessions optimistic, confident and with a clear sense of purpose.
    I am forever grateful Cora, thank you!

    Publican House

  • Linda Kash

    I worked with Cora at a time when I felt at a difficult crossroads in my life, both professionally and personally.
 Cora's greatest gift is that she helps you figure out what you truly want and makes you think you did it by yourself!
    When one gets clear in one's intentions, the rest seems to fall quite easily into place.
In my case, the results were pretty astounding and most surprisingly, almost immediate.
    It's a deeply profound experience without ever feeling intrusive.

    Actress, Morning Show Host, Performing Arts``

  • Jen Charbonneau

    It's hard to know where to begin singing praises for Cora's work. I was a coaching student for 6 months and as I look back through the pages of notes and ideas we worked on in that time, I can go through ``the list`` and check EVERYTHING off!!
    Cora's support and guidance brought my awareness and understand of my potential to new levels....I uncovered, recognized and embraced my gifts and talents. Cora helped me to believe in my work and with that motivation, I moved forward in leaps and bounds..... Her incredible insight and ability to help me see the ``big`` picture brought such clarity to my dreams.
    Thank you Cora, from the deepest part of my have been such an AMAZING part of my journey.....!``

    Disordered Eating Consultant/Coach, Facilitator - Self Esteem/Self Acceptance``

  • Dan Stanford

    Cora was a rock star. Though I have known Cora for quite some time and have a deep respect for her skills and knowledge, I was blown away by the way she guided us through the mine fields of word-smithing and operational thinking all the way to truly strategic thinking.
    To do this with a group she is a part of was far more difficult than it might have been for a group of strangers and I think she made it look easier.

    CFDC Chair and President of Cabinetree``

  • Mary Carver

    Thank you Cora! you've taken OHEA a long way on this in one short week – amazing!I especially appreciate your steady leadership, your quick turn-around, and your ability to make us stretch our thinking to crystalize a vision.
    The 1999 strategic plan was led by someone else - not nearly as productive or energizing. You've been awesome to work with too!``

    P.H.Ec., Public Relations/Food Literacy Coordinator, Ontario Home Economics Association

  • Ray Bonenberg

    Our organization was facing financial pressures and demands to produce outcomes in a complex and diverse environment. Due to tight operating dollars, our staff were struggling to deliver strategic priorities.
    I found Cora to be an excellent listener and one who is able to explore the not so obvious aspects of why the situation is the way it is. She has a variety of tools that can help guide processes to achieve the results that leaders need.
    Working with Cora has helped me set my own priorities, help our leadership team achieve theirs and work through the necessary steps to realize the changes we needed. It has also enabled me to see the potential obstacles that we may face and work through them.
    I am much less anxious about aspects that I can't actively control.
    I have improved my ability to articulate a vision for success and am more patient with the constant course corrections that are needed to be successful``

    Regional Director (retired), Ministry of Natural Resources

  • Sally Moore

    Cora Whittington organizes a group of creative people into a business mind-set that is both fun and productive.
    Her ability to keep the pace moving, the topics relevant and the ideas flowing is very constructive. The end result is a well thought-out plan that our organization can live and grow with, full of creative ideas and strong business sense.

    President, Writers Community of Durham Region,

  • Christine Allingham

    After working with Cora, I was able to determine the negative patterns, beliefs and barriers that were preventing me from reaching my potential and I could finally identify what I truly wanted in life. Because of Cora's intuition and understanding, I was able to feel very secure while exploring very personal and emotional issues. She was always very understanding and never judgemental, making it very easy to talk about things that I wanted to work on.
    I cannot describe how different my life has become since working with Cora. I have been able to open up a world of opportunities for myself and feel confident in my choices.
    For both professional and personal matters, Cora has helped me to realize that we truly do create our own destiny and that we can overcome any obstacle.
    I cannot thank Cora enough for her help and would recommend this type of work to anyone!``

    Manager, Sunny Hill Resort

  • Dan Taylor

    We had a good day, some fun team building, great food, a bit of outdoors and we collectively came up with our ``Why”.
    I can't tell you how important this is and I believe it's going to have a positive impact on how we continue to shape our work moving forward.
    I'm really pleased that this was a collaborative result.
    Thanks to all including Cora, who did a great job facilitating our meeting!

    Past President & CEO, Greater Peterborough Area Economic Development Corporation