Need a Speaker or Workshop Facilitator? Here are some Topics…

Are You Looking for a Speaker or Workshop Facilitator for Annual Meetings and Conferences?

Whether it it leadership, team or organizational development or business building using social media or blogging, Cora Whittington will provide a fun, educational and enlightening experience. Her workshops are interactive and her speeches are memorable. Use these suggestions as idea sparks.  She can customize to your theme or purpose.

Here are some Potential Topics for Keynote Speaker or Facilitator

Leadership Basics

  • Attributes of Extraordinary Leadership ~ Learn and Integrate the 12 Attributes of Extraordinary Leadership
  • Exceptional Leaders Trust Their Instincts ~ Don’t leave home without it

Group Dynamics and Conflict Resolution

  • Getting to the Heart of the Matter ~ Discover What Is Really Going On and It is Not Usually What You Think!
  • How to Stay Calm in the Eye of the Storm ~ Manage challenging times and situations without losing your cool.

Change Management

  • Facilitating Change ~ Cora uses Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space and Traditional Facilitation techniques to customize for your group. Call me for various topics.  Some Examples include:
  • Shared Vision and Winning Teamwork
  • Creating a Vibrant Future
  • Compelling Communication

Coaching and Mentoring and Inspiring Others

  • Lead with Wisdom ~ Bring Out the Best in Yourself and Others
  • Wake Up It’s Time ~ How to focus on what you want and bring it to reality

Business Building for Organizations and Business

  • How to Use Social Media and Blogging for Profit

Workshops using Appreciative Inquiry

  • Creating a Positive and Enthusiastic Team
  • Joy of Enabling and Encouraging Excellence
  • Charting Our Future Together
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Can We Talk – Enabling Family Business Communication
  • Creating a Vibrant Future
  • Creating and Sustaining Trust
  • Best in Class
  • Living Our Guiding Principles
  • Inviting Excellence
  • Shared Vision and Values

For more ideas or a conversation on how these topics could work to help you solve your issue or enhance your next phase of expansion in your team or business Call Cora Whittington or send her a note.



About the Author:

Cora is a coach with an unique ability to help you access your intuition and inner wisdom. She coaches small business owners, government executives, executive directors and not-for-profit administrators to name a few.
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