Core Dynamics Coaching

What Type of Coaching is This?

Core Dynamics Coaching is a quick and effective way to identify what is keeping you stuck.  Usually when clients look at the venn diagram they can immediately see where some of the dynamics are in play in their lives. These core dynamics are at the root of most problems.

Together we identify which core dynamics  are operating. Then using some powerful techniques you will eliminate the barriers and self-sabotage that keeps you stuck.

Maybe it is time to…

  • Leave behind shortcomings and transform them into powerful traits
  • Eliminate habits and limiting beliefs so you can achieve what you want
  • Vaporize your anxiety so that you can become clear, calm and make a meaningful contribution

What is Core Dynamics Coaching?

Core Dynamics Coaching is a leading edge process and a bit out of the box, different from most conventional coaching approaches. This is partly because I use muscle testing.  This helps get to the underlying cause and very quickly we can resolve issues that have been decades in the making.

  • The Core Dynamics provides a simple language and structure for understanding the real basis of human problems.
  • It provides the answer to the question – What’s really going on?
  • It provides powerful techniques for resolving inner conflicts and re-establishing wholeness
  • The insights of the Core Dynamics are easily understood and it is easy to share the understanding of them with others

In Core Dynamics Coaching, people learn the distinction between thinking and knowing. The “thinking” state is when the mind is busy which lots of options and confusion as to which is best.  The “knowing” state is when you just know – that this is the best decision at this time.  When clients get to a neutral state they then can see options and steps forward that were previously unavailable to them when they were emotionally wrought or trying to force an outcome.

Whether you are starting a new business, running an organization, motivating a team, finding the perfect mate, writing a book, buying a house, or deciding to change careers, Core Dynamics Coaching is able to bring you to a neutral state so the you can make the best decisions for you.

Conventional coaching often involves helping people clarify what it is that they really want, then helping them to make a plan to get it and then keeping them accountable for accomplishing the goal.

Sometimes there are barriers on the client’s part to overcome obstacles.  You know that you “should” take action … you have a “plan” yet for some reason we are not implementing.  The answers lie in process of clearing the core dynamics.

The removal of the Core Dynamics from your life is what will allow you to achieve your dreams

If you would like to become a person who can naturally lead and make decisions from the power of your own inner knowing, be a person who lives and enjoys life in a state of joy and then be able to powerfully transform people’s lives through leadership presence, then apply now to experience this extraordinary coaching program.

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