It is pretty simple really…

The first reason is that I use intuitive coaching to help you  shift you from a focus on the problem to the solution.

Many people want to wallow in the who done what and what happened and all of the accompanying emotion.  What happens is we start to believe our story and get dragged down with the seeming reality and hopelessness of the situation.


My first question is  usually a version of “How would you like it to be?”

Using the principles of sound intention clarification you will instantly feel lighter and more hopeful when you have designed the perfect intention for you.

The next reason is that we don’t stop with an intention.  That was the problem with the movie “The Secret” – it didn’t teach you how to “resonate” with your intention.  There are reasons why we can’t attract with what we want and I work with you to discover them.

Muscle Testing

To do this, I use muscle testing either in person or by proxy.  You can read more about muscle testing in the article related to this link. After over 2500 coaching sessions my intuitive abilities keep getting better and better.

Muscle testing gets your head and mine out of the road.  And it is amazing what we can discover when we do this.  Very often my “human mind” would like to get started with what seems obvious, interesting or easy to solve but the muscle testing sends us in a very different direction.  The cool thing is that every time when we complete the session the client and I both go – Wow – so that was why we had to work on that first…

The Barriers

Here is a quick overview of some of the barriers that could be holding you back:

Intuitive Coaching









Pure Awareness Techniques

Once we have identified the barriers we can start working on clearing the energetic hold that the barrier has on our body. We have Pure Awareness techniques for the following:

1.  Resolving Unresolved Emotions

2. Experiencing Who You Really Are (without your stories or baggage)

3. Experiencing our Inter-Connectedness

4. Technique for Being Certain

5.  Breaking Habits

6. Releasing Old Identities and Roles that do not serve us anymore.

7. Clearing Out the Residue of Past Traumatic Experiences

Absence of the Dynamics

This is what your life will look like when you clean up your energy and live a truly free life.

Intuitive Coaching