The Only Thing That Matters

The Only Thing That MattersJust received this message from Jennifer MacLean telling us about Neale Donald Walsch’s new book The Only Thing that Matters“.  I love Neale’s perspectives and thought I would share this.  I can’t wait till the book comes in…

Something like 108 billion people have lived on our planet during its history, and despite all of the experiences in all of the lifetimes of all of those people, we have still not found a way to exist together in peace and harmony, much less create individual lives with a powerfully glorious, intrinsic meaning and a wonderfully joyful purpose.

Life has such a meaning and purpose, but across thousands of years only a very small number of human beings seem to have really understood it. Until now.

Now, everyone seems to be “getting it” all at once and agreeing with each other, at last, that it truly is… The Only Thing That Matters.


You have been told that humanity’s basic instinct is survival. That is not your basic instinct at all. Once you remember your true basic instinct, you will have a whole new basis upon which to make every decision and choice in your life.

This book will/does speaks to you, from you, of that. yeah you read that right; Do not be surprised if it feels like your own diary, with your own thoughts, recorded long, long ago, newly found again.

Here is the missing piece to the puzzle. It may seem like it was right there in front of you all along… and now you see it again, but as if for the first time, and finally, everything fits.
Here is a direct communication that Neale asked me to share with YOU:


There is something you wish to know and something you wish to do, and Life understands this. That is why you are reading this.

Here is what you wish to know…

98% of the world’s people
are spending 98% of their time
on things that don’t matter.

You have been part of that 98%. Now you are no longer. From this day forward you choose to spend your time on The Only Thing That Matters. The question is, what is that?

Here is what you wish to do…

Find your answer to that question.

This requires a deep exploration of the Self. You are in the right place for such an important and remarkable undertaking. Trust that. If you weren’t in the right place to find your answer, you would not be here. Do not think you have come to this book by chance.

Do not think that.

Think this: My Soul knows exactly what it is doing.

Also, think this: My Soul already knows what really matters.

So it is not a question of “finding” that answer, it is a question of remembering. It is not a process of discovery, it is a process of recovery. This data does not have to be researched, it merely has to be retrieved.

Let’s begin here.

Something very unusual is occurring on this planet right now. You have no doubt noticed it. It may be producing a more than normal amount of challenge and disjointedness in your life, and perhaps even some major upheavals. You are probably noticing it in the lives of others as well.

For a while you may have thought that this was all just your mind playing tricks on you; that things were not really happening any differently, and that you’re just a little tired, a little over committed, a little oversensitive.

But now, as each day presents itself with obstacles mounting and challenges increasing and more and more personal issues coming up to be faced and healed, it is apparent that all of this is not an illusion, not an exaggeration. So you may be asking: “Why is all this happening? What am I doing wrong?”

And here’s the answer…

You’re doing nothing wrong.

AND… there is something very unusual going on right now in your life, and all over this planet.

Call it an energy shift, call it a cosmic cycle, call it the overhaul of humanity, or whatever you will, but what’s occurring on Earth right now is, you can be sure, very real. It’s touching lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Some lives more than others, but none are immune.

This experience is global in scope. Talk to people. Just ask them. Talk to people anywhere, everywhere. They’ll tell you: Yes, life has been tumultuous lately. More than usual. More than normal. For some, more than ever.

Now there’s a danger here, and that danger is not in what is happening, but in how you may construe what is happening. The danger is that you will view what’s going on as “bad,” and then react from utter frustration or fear, or even anger (which is Fear Announced), doing exactly the opposite of what would serve you.

The biggest danger is that because of a simple mis-perception, you will miss a once-in-a-lifetime (literally a once-in-a-lifetime) opportunity.

The good news is that your Soul is working hard to make sure you don’t do that. It is working at this right now, in this moment.

One last time: Do you really think it is happenstance that you are reading this… 


His new book is JUST came out, and I think it is going to really assist you in this amazing transformation that is taking place for you, your friends, family and our human family at this special time in history.

GO GET IT HERE (what are you waiting for?):


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Cora is a coach with an unique ability to help you access your intuition and inner wisdom. She coaches small business owners, government executives, executive directors and not-for-profit administrators to name a few.
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