Politician Armed with The Teachings of Abraham

There is hope…
I love that a politician gets that there is another way to do the best work of politicians.

However, for us we can apply this, wherever we are, doing whatever we do.

Here is an excerpt from the Youtube posting of this video clip by Esther Hicks:

Published on 29 May 2013
A politician asks, “How do I enter this world of pushing against without losing myself. How do I apply, or adhere to the ...

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How Cora Helped Me Overcome Challenges ~ Testimonial ~ Karen Laws

photo-karen-portraitWhat made me decide to work with Cora? …

  1. The depth of self-discovery and awareness that was revealed at our free introductory session.
  2. A feeling of compatibility – good chemistry
  3. A shared belief in the power of the Secret and its laws – especially the Law of Attraction
  4. Flexibility of schedule
  5. Cora is very generous with her time and gave much more than the ‘allotted time’ per session.

Challenges I was facing, but didn’t ...

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