Singing the Praises for Cora’s Coaching ~ Testimonial ~ Jen Charbonneau

jenc“It’s hard to know where to begin singing praises for Cora’s work.
I was a coaching student for 6 months and as I look back through the pages of notes and ideas we worked on in that time, I can go through “the list” and check EVERYTHING off!!

Cora’s support and guidance brought my awareness and understand of my potential to new levels….I uncovered, recognized and embraced my gifts and talents.  Cora helped me to believe in my work and with that motivation, I moved forward in leaps and bounds…..

Her incredible insight and ability to help me see the “big” picture brought such clarity to my dreams.

Thank you Cora, from the deepest part of my soul……you have been such an AMAZING part of my journey…..!”

Jen Charbonneau 
Disordered Eating Consultant/Coach
Facilitator  – Self Esteem/Self Acceptance Workshops for Youth


About the Author:

Cora is a coach with an unique ability to help you access your intuition and inner wisdom. She coaches small business owners, government executives, executive directors and not-for-profit administrators to name a few.
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