3 Free – Oldie but Goodie Books to Inspire You

How can three books written in early part of the nineteenth century be relevant today?

I am in continuously in awe about how this is possible.  In fact, I think that this information is even more relevant today than at any time in history.  You can click on the book covers and download a free copy.

The first edition of Think and Grow Rich was released in March 1937. Despite limited promotion, mostly  Continue Reading →


Healing With the Masters

Are you ready to identify and break free of old habits & belief systems that have prevented you from your true abundance? I am!

Healing With The Masters is offering direct access to 27 renowned master teachers who have helped more than 500,000 people in 230 countries master their own abundance!

Learn SIMPLE, POWERFUL & LIFE-CHANGING techniques to move into debt-free abundance and financial freedom NOW! Free!

I have listened to just a few of these and they are amazing!

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Believe in Your Dreams

Be inspired by this video created by my  Mastermind group that has chosen the theme “Believe In Your Dreams”.

Most of the photography is taken by members of the group.
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Cora Whittington www.goldenpathways.ca
Dan & Gretchen Boman
Kim Appleton
Dianne Shelton

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