From React to Respond by Peterborough Ontario Life Coach Cora

Have you ever been hooked by a person’s judgement, comment or criticism?  It would be pretty rare if you weren’t emotionally hooked.

What’s interesting is that there is often valuable information in our emotional reaction.

Here is how I illustrate this with my clients.

Coach Cora: “Can I give you some advice? “

Client: “Sure”.

Coach Cora: “I think that you should dye your hair green”

Client: [Laughter]

Coach Cora:  “Notice that you didn’t have a negative emotional reaction to my advice about dying your hair green”

I ...

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When I Made My Career Change ~ Testimonial ~ Betty Hallman-Plumley

Betty-Halman-Plumley“When I made my career change, I was excited about the new challenges, the importance of the job and value to others…but realized that I was “getting in my own way” as I tried to move forward….driven by fear, lack of confidence perhaps….after working with Cora I was able to ‘debug’ these feelings and learned to ‘live in the moment’ – free from the baggage of the past and ...

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