Politician Armed with The Teachings of Abraham

There is hope…
I love that a politician gets that there is another way to do the best work of politicians.

However, for us we can apply this, wherever we are, doing whatever we do.

Here is an excerpt from the Youtube posting of this video clip by Esther Hicks:

Published on 29 May 2013
A politician asks, “How do I enter this world of pushing against without losing myself. How do I apply, or adhere to the ...

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Me First – Personal Transformation Workshops

Come Play With Us, Discover and Experience the Energetic Keys to Unlocking Your Heart’s Desires

In the old days “Me First” was considered selfish.

Now it is known to be the one and only place that changes your life.

No one is more uniquely qualified to transform your life than you. And when you transform your inner life – miracles happen.

Warning: This program is not for those who have a fixed way of thinking.

Who is this for?

A person who is curious ...

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