If you really want clients… this guy will help you

No one on Earth is more focused on helping people get clients than my good friend Christian Mickelsen.

And he’s revealing all of his secrets inside the new version of his program “Free Sessions That Sell: The Client Sign Up System” —> http://www.profcs.com/app/?af=369192&u=http://www.freesessionsthatsell.com

Even though the core of this training is on having initial sessions that turn into high paying clients, he’s actually adding in EVERYTHING you need to be highly successful, including…

—> Coach Training & Certification
—> Marketing Strategies & Systems

This guy makes getting clients faster, easier, ...

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Which of These Core Dynamics Are Active in Your Life?

It Finally Made Sense ~ The Core Dynamics Venn Diagram

Imagine sitting in a room full of coaches listening to Thomas Leonard and he puts up this slide.  It was a WOW moment for me.  I had been working in the Organizational Development field for a number of years and frustrated with the lack of “stickiness” of the work.  Yes people were excited and seemed committed to change … for about a week…

I wanted to learn how to get at the ...

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