Cora’s Story | Peterborough

Cora was invited to speak at the Greater Peterborough Economic Development Corporation’s quarterly event called ‘Creative Cocktail’

Local entrepreneurs are invited to tell their story and why they choose Peterborough to live and work.

Here is her story.

Hello my name is Cora Whittington and I am a first generation Canadian.  My parents immigrated from Holland in 1952 and I was born in Chatham Ontario.  I was raised on a farm near Dashwood, a small town 40 miles ...

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The Core Dynamics of Common Problems

‘How to Get Out of Your Own Way’ core dynamics coaching provides new insights and personal development techniques to debug and upgrade your personal inner human software. Now you can easily find and open the door of that cage and step out into a life of freedom, progress and joy!

The 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems provides a new language and structure for understanding the nature of human conditioning. The Core Dynamics model is a part of an emerging new ...

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Less than 6 months ago my 17 month old granddaughter died tragically.

This weekend is decoration day at the cemetery and I won’t be able to make the 3 hour trip to go there, so I created my own memorial.

I found these beautiful roses with a hint of pink and used lavender and euonymous from my garden.  The vase was given to me by my Uncle and his family at the time of the funeral.

It was lovely and meditative to put ...

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Believe in Your Dreams

Be inspired by this video created by my  Mastermind group that has chosen the theme “Believe In Your Dreams”.

Most of the photography is taken by members of the group.
Please share with your social networking group.
Cora Whittington
Dan & Gretchen Boman
Kim Appleton
Dianne Shelton

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Get off the Hamster Wheel | anxiety

When you are caught in the hamster wheel of needing approval

Your dreams die within you every time

  • You second guess yourself
  • Your intuition is cut off
  • You don’t risk
  • You are misunderstood

And you put yourself at the mercy of everyone that you give the power of approval to – to manipulate and control you.

The pain and penalty of not approving of yourself is high.

I know what it ...

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From React to Respond by Peterborough Ontario Life Coach Cora

Have you ever been hooked by a person’s judgement, comment or criticism?  It would be pretty rare if you weren’t emotionally hooked.

What’s interesting is that there is often valuable information in our emotional reaction.

Here is how I illustrate this with my clients.

Coach Cora: “Can I give you some advice? “

Client: “Sure”.

Coach Cora: “I think that you should dye your hair green”

Client: [Laughter]

Coach Cora:  “Notice that you didn’t have a negative emotional reaction to my advice about dying your hair green”

I ...

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Because of Cora’s Intuition and Understanding ~ Testimonial ~ Christine Allingham

When I first started working with Cora, I really didn’t know what I wanted in life. I kept searching to find myself in different professions and schooling, trying to find something that felt right. I was in school part-time and worked part-time, but didn’t want to commit fully to either because I didn’t feel sure about my choices.

After working with Cora, I was able to determine the negative patterns, beliefs and barriers that were preventing me from reaching my potential ...

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