3 Free – Oldie but Goodie Books to Inspire You

How can three books written in early part of the nineteenth century be relevant today?

I am in continuously in awe about how this is possible.  In fact, I think that this information is even more relevant today than at any time in history.  You can click on the book covers and download a free copy.

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If you really want clients… this guy will help you

No one on Earth is more focused on helping people get clients than my good friend Christian Mickelsen.

And he’s revealing all of his secrets inside the new version of his program “Free Sessions That Sell: The Client Sign Up System” —> http://www.profcs.com/app/?af=369192&u=http://www.freesessionsthatsell.com

Even though the core of this training is on having initial sessions that turn into high paying clients, he’s actually adding in EVERYTHING you need to be highly successful, including…

—> Coach Training & Certification
—> Marketing Strategies & Systems

This guy makes getting clients faster, easier, ...

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Brigid Ayotte ~ Testimonial

The Peterborough Business Advisory Centre recently hosted a workshop for our small business clients entitled “Blogging for Business Profit” which was facilitated by both Shari Darling and Cora Whittington.   It was one of the most successful events we had largely due to Shari and Cora’s dynamic synergy and entertaining delivery.  The content was most valuable and the energy in the room was off the charts.  Shari and Cora are the epitome of professionalism and edutainment and I highly recommend them ...

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Politician Armed with The Teachings of Abraham

There is hope…
I love that a politician gets that there is another way to do the best work of politicians.

However, for us we can apply this, wherever we are, doing whatever we do.

Here is an excerpt from the Youtube posting of this video clip by Esther Hicks:

Published on 29 May 2013
A politician asks, “How do I enter this world of pushing against without losing myself. How do I apply, or adhere to the ...

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Me First – Personal Transformation Workshops

Come Play With Us, Discover and Experience the Energetic Keys to Unlocking Your Heart’s Desires

In the old days “Me First” was considered selfish.

Now it is known to be the one and only place that changes your life.

No one is more uniquely qualified to transform your life than you. And when you transform your inner life – miracles happen.

Warning: This program is not for those who have a fixed way of thinking.

Who is this for?

A person who is curious ...

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Strategic Planning Processes

Strategic Planning Processes

The gift of  a seasoned facilitator is the ability to be strategic, intuitive and conscious when working with your group or organization. As a  facilitator, Cora guides the process and creates the space to make it safe for you to deal with the issues at hand.

Cora Whittington is a “learn-a-holic”. She teaches facilitation, guides facilitation and is always learning and creating new and innovative processes. See the facilitation credentials tab for her ...

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Transform Yourself into a Clear, Confident and Decisive Leader | Leadership

Here’s How to Transform Yourself into a Clear, Confident and Decisive Leader that Gets Results, Builds Unity and Earns Everyone’s Respect

It Seems Incredible That You Can Vaporize Your Anxiety and Increase Your Leadership Skills So Easily

Are you clear about what you desire and take inspired actions that attract the results you want in your personal and professional life?

Are you living each day to your full potential, focused and playing to your highest strengths and skills?

Are You Ready to…

  • Leave behind ...
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Need a Speaker or Workshop Facilitator? Here are some Topics…

Are You Looking for a Speaker or Workshop Facilitator for Annual Meetings and Conferences?

Whether it it leadership, team or organizational development or business building using social media or blogging, Cora Whittington will provide a fun, educational and enlightening experience. Her workshops are interactive and her speeches are memorable. Use these suggestions as idea sparks.  She can customize to your theme or purpose.

Here are some Potential Topics for Keynote Speaker or Facilitator

Leadership Basics

  • Attributes of Extraordinary Leadership ~ Learn and Integrate ...
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Which of These Core Dynamics Are Active in Your Life?

It Finally Made Sense ~ The Core Dynamics Venn Diagram

Imagine sitting in a room full of coaches listening to Thomas Leonard and he puts up this slide.  It was a WOW moment for me.  I had been working in the Organizational Development field for a number of years and frustrated with the lack of “stickiness” of the work.  Yes people were excited and seemed committed to change … for about a week…

I wanted to learn how to get at the ...

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