The Golden Circle Model

Before we begin our work on clarifying the vision and mission for a company or organization I recommend that everyone watch a Ted Talk by Simon Sinek explaining the Golden Circle Model.

This video has had over 25,177,210 views.

Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership — starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers …

The Golden Circle

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SOAR – Strategic Inquiry Model

As the facilitator, Cora Whittington uses The SOAR Appreciative Model to identify Strategic Directions and Strategies and The Golden Circle Model to clarify the Vision and Mission.

This article contains highlights and descriptions from the work of Appreciative Inquiry experts Jackie Stavros and Gina Hinrichs

SOAR Process

SOAR-Appreciative Inquiry

  • Identify the positive core of the organization (strengths and opportunities)
  • Obtain clarity of vision and mission to align with strategic initiatives, strategies and action plans (aspirations)
  • Plan, ...
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Create a Highly Do-able Plan

IMG_2401“There were two corporate objectives that I wanted my staff to embrace, have a role in further developing, and implement over the next five years.

Cora provided us with an all – day session at her facility where we developed a highly do-able strategic plan based on my objectives!

Her system and processes were enlightening and fun – got everyone talking, ...

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Listen to Interview With Coach Cora on Blog Talk Radio

In this interview by Doug Llewelyn – Doug asks Cora about the way she works, the results she gets and how her coaching methodology is unique.

You will learn how and and why her clients get much better results than they expected.

Check Out Motivation Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Close Up Talk Radio on BlogTalkRadio
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Attributes of Extraordinary Leadership

Everyone wants more out of life. But so often we can feel held back, and can’t really seem to figure it out! It can be frustrating and discouraging. We want to make progress in our business, our career, our relationships, but it is as if some invisible resistance just seems to be keeping us from having the life we really want.

We all know this feeling all too well. It comes from having conflicts inside of us between what we are ...

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Clear Your Fear

540_293_resize_20121101_ed4e25ac3a980d4e5da55f2b392f97e3_jpgAre you afraid of your brilliance?

I have to be honest.  I am.

Or I was…

One of the benefits of being a coach mentor in the coach school that I was trained in is … (this means I coach three new coaches every session)

Is that I can partake in the advanced coach training sessions and I get to keep working on ...

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Principles of Strategic Planning

What are the principles and techniques that unleash the power of strategic planning and ensure its usefulness not just to “create a plan” but actually to transform an organization?

The five principles below come out of the actual experiences of successful organizations, the rich literature on strategic planning, and new methods for bringing people together in constructive, creative ways.

1. The plan, the written document that strategic planning produces, is only 50% of the product. The other half is the revitalization experienced by the people in the organization: a ...

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The secret to getting more from your team…

If you want to get more out of your team for any of these reasons:

=> Because the number of people on your team has been reduced and yet you’re expected to produce the same or better results.

=> Your team is not producing the results that are expected from you and your team and you’re concerned that your bosses and/or superiors and peers are not going to be happy about that.

=> Members of your team are undermining each other or worse undermining you, causing conflicts ...

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